Eosense offers a range of versatile automated soil gas flux chambers that can be paired with ABB-LGR, Gasmet and Picarro GHG analyzers. Twelve chambers can be paired to a single analyzer using the eosMX or eosMX-P multiplexers. All Eosesne chamber systems offer customizable automated sampling and data pre-processing, as well as flux calculations software.


  • Internal volumeĀ 

Potential Applications

  • Agricultural GHG emissions
  • Forest soil fluxes
  • Survey-style measurements
  • Tree stem fluxes
  • Wetlands and peatlands

eosAC-LT and eosAC-LO

  • Large internal volume (0.072 m3)
  • Large footprint (0.21 m2)
  • Opaque (LO) or transparent (LT) design

Potential Applications

  • Measuring Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE)
  • Partitioning NEE
  • Trage gas emissions (e.g. N2O)
  • Agricultural land management impacts
  • Wetland vegetation
  • Fluxes from larger topographic features like hummocks
  • Peripheral measurements (e.g. PAR, soil temperature or moisture)