eosAC-LT/LO | Automated Soil Flux Chamber

  • Large chamber footprint
  • Transparent or opaque dome
  • Smart movement
  • Additional sensor ports
  • Equipped with eosAnalyze Software

The eosAC-LT/LO soil gas flux chamber’s large footprint, proven design and automated measurement capabilities allow researchers to capture accurate measurements of NEE and trace gases. When coupled to one of the compatible analyzers (Gasmet, ABB-LGR, Picarro), even the smallest changes in soil gas flux can be monitored.

With customization features, such as transparent or opaque cover and auxiliary sensor options, this chamber allows you to observe different vegetation types and measure specific ecosystem processes.


Eosense wants to help you get to the heart of your research questions faster, that’s why we created our eosAnalyze software. At its core, eosAnalyze is a powerful tool for quickly and easily processing, analyzing and visualizing your flux chamber data. Data can easily be imported into eosAnalyze from a wide range of commercially available analyzers, providing maximum flexibility and utility for users.