eosMX | Recirculating Multiplexer

*NEW 16-port eosMX coming in Spring/Summer 2023*

The eosMX/MX-P reciculating multiplexer is a flexible tool for automating coordinated gas sampling in either a lab or field setting. The eosLink-MX software manages metadata and allows you to easily schedule sampling from up to 12 multiplexed locations. Data processing is a breeze with the eosAnalyze software, which organizes data by sampling port and calculates fluxes.

The eosMX/MX-P recirculating multiplexer connects up to 12 eosAC or eosAC-LT/LO chambers to the gas analyzer. It is the only recirculating multiplexer directly compatible with ABB-LGR, Gasmet and Picarro analyzers. The eosMX is also compatible with other greenhouse gas analyzers via a Campbell Scientific CR1000X or CR6 datalogger. Contact us to learn more about using the eosMX/MX-P and eosAC-LT/LO or eosAC chambers with a datalogger and a third party analyzer.

Our eosLink software was designed with fieldwork in mind. Easy integration with a wide variety of gas analyzers allows for customization of measurement cycles so they can be easily modified as-needed. Chamber status and peripheral sensors can also be monitored in real-time. The eosLink software automatically separates data by flux chamber, removing the guesswork and dramatically reducing data processing time.