NEW eosMX | Portable Recirculating Multiplexer

  • Flexible system accommodates up to 64 chambers
  • Portable, field-ready design
  • Seamless integration with leading GHG analyzers & data loggers
  • Customizable automated sampling & data pre-processing

Unmatched Customization and Flexibility

The new eosMX portable, recirculating multiplexer offers unmatched versatility and customization options so you can build the system that’s tailored to your field site and your research questions. 

Choose between an 8 or 16-port version and connect up to 4 eosMX units to coordinate measurements from up to 64 locations using a single gas analyzer. 

Mix and match transparent or opaque eosAC-LT/LO or eosAC chambers or use the eosMX to automate sampling for incubation experiments. The eosMX also allows you to coordinate manual chamber measurements in either the lab or the field.

Portable, Field-Ready Design

The eosMX is designed for both portability and long-term deployment, allowing you to easily automate the collection of continuous measurements from up to 64 locations at your field site. This recirculating multiplexer’s housing is dust and weather resistant, while also being easy to carry into the field. The eosMX chamber connection ports are nickel plated brass to resist corrosion and rust for maximum durability. The unit also comes equipped with a 12-15 V DC power connection, which is compatible with solar installations for use at remote field sites.

The design of the eosMX makes set-up a breeze. The instrument’s chamber connection ports have a staggered layout for easy installation, and the push-to-connect fittings makes installing the system quick and easy.

Seamless Integration with Leading Gas Analyzers & Data Loggers

The eosMX was designed with flexibility in mind. It’s compatible with a wide range of gas analyzers so you can tailor the system to measure gas species like CO2, CH4, N2O, NH3, carbon isotopes, and more! The system seamlessly integrates with ABB-LGR , Gasmet and Picarro gas analyzers, and has built-in capability for use with data loggers and other third party gas analyzers. 

Customizable Automated Sampling & Data Pre-Processing

The included eosLink software automates sampling and data pre-processing, helping researchers save time. Every research site is unique, so chamber measurement cycles are fully customizable. With the eosLink software, users can specify the duration of chamber openings and closures, as well as gas line purges between sampling events. The eosLink software keeps data organized so each measurement is automatically assigned to the chamber it was collected with and matches the timestamp of the chamber measurement with the analyzer. Data can then be directly imported into our free eosAnalyze flux calculation software.