eosAC | Multi-Species Soil Flux Chamber

  • Easy Integration into Field Site
  • Designed for Accurate and Continuous Measurements
  • Equipped with eosAnalyze Software
  • 30m Deployment

Gone are the days of manual gas sampling and integrating the results to get a single flux data point.  Connect the eosAC to your Gasmet, ABB-LGR or Picarro analyzer to collect continuous data, then use the included eosAnalyze software to process the data in the field or lab. Deployed all over the world, the eosAC soil gas flux chamber has shown its strengths in measurement of CO2, CH4, N2O in a broad range of environments, from strawberry fields to rain forests.

Increase the spatial coverage of your data by connecting up to 12 eosACs to your analyzer via one of Eosense’s multiplexers!

Eosense wants to help you get to the heart of your research questions faster, that’s why we created our eosAnalyze software. At its core, eosAnalyze is a powerful tool for quickly and easily processing, analyzing and visualizing your flux chamber data. Data can easily be imported into eosAnalyze from a wide range of commercially available analyzers, providing maximum flexibility and utility for users.