Everything you need in single package

Eosense offers users a holistic solution for scheduling the collection of automated soil gas flux measurements and calculating fluxes. Our software package is included with all Eosense soil gas flux systems and is fully compatible with leading gas analyzers. It offers flexibility and customization options as well as post-processing QA/QC tools to ensure the highest quality flux calculations.

Whether you’re in the field conducting soil gas flux surveys, collecting long-term continuous measurements or in the lab processing your data, our software suite simplifies the process. We’ve included flexible and easy to use tools that help you:

  • Calculate soil gas fluxes
  • Perform QA/QC checks on your data
  • Customize you measurement schedule
  • Incorporate data from auxiliary sensors

Quick and easy flux calculations

The eosAnalyze software combines data from eosAC-Series chambers, the gas analyzer and any auxiliary sensors in just a few clicks. Time stamps from the gas analyzer’s measurements are synced with individual chamber measurements automatically by the software, and soil gas fluxes are calculated using linear or exponential curve fitting. The calculated flux measurements can be exported for further analysis.

QA/QC and post-processing tools

eosAnalyze has several features to help ensure that flux calculations are as accurate as possible. Parameters like tubing and analyzer volume or chamber offset can be applied to all chambers or each chamber individually. Data from the chamber’s internal sensors to apply temperature and pressure corrections automatically. The software will also flag issues with a given chamber measurement that may arise. For example, if vegetation or debris prevents a chamber from fully closing, the measurement will be flagged with a close error to alert the user of a potential issue.

Customize your measurement schedule

The eosLink software is used to schedule and customize measurement cycles in the field. Choose the order in which chambers are sampled, and whether the measurement cycle is looped. Measurement schedules can be randomized and a calibration standard can be incorporated samples on non-chamber lines. Users can also quickly and easily set measurement parameters like chamber open/closure timing, gas line purge duration, and more!

Maximum flexibility

We believe researchers should have the flexibility to choose the tools that best suit their needs. Our measurement scheduling software can be run directly on compatible gas analyzers made by one of our partners. However, we also offer a variety of chamber control and data logging options for using our eosAC-Series chambers with other third party gas analyzers or for studies that require more complex sampling schedules.

Incorporate auxiliary measurements

All eosAC-Series chambers are equipped with auxiliary sensor ports that are fully compatible with industry-leading soil temperature and moisture probes, like the Teros 11 soil temperature and moisture probe from Meter Group, and PAR sensors, like the SQ-421X-SS PAR sensor from Apogee. Data from these auxiliary sensors is quickly and easily imported into our eosAnalyze flux calculation software for analysis alongside flux measurements.

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