In this first episode of the series, we are starting with the basics of integrating the eosAC soil flux chamber with Picarro G2000 series analyzers. This powerful system offers great possibilities in the field for long term deployment with continuous greenhouse gas measurements!

In the second episode of the series, we turn the spotlight onto the eosAC, highlighting the chambers features and options for peripheral measurements.

In the third episode of the series we go through the basics of using the eosMX and eosLink-MX software, which is installed directly on your Picarro analyzer, to set up your chamber measurements.

In episode four of the video series we discuss the advanced features that the eosMX and eosMX-Link software offer!

In episode five we go through the basics of using the eosAnalyze-AC to process data collected with the Picarro G2508 five species greenhouse gas analyzer.

In the final episode of the series we get into the advanced features for data processing with the eosAnalyze-AC software.

AN0019 – Measuring Isotopic CO2 and CH4 Soil Flux with the Picarro G2201-i

AN0006 – Flux measurements using a single eosAC and Picarro analyzer