Effortless integration and exceptional support

From collecting measurements in the field to processing data in the lab, we offer a complete solution for soil gas fluxes, covering all your needs at every step in the process.

Our partnership includes dedicated customer support to see you through the entire life of your equipment – from initial set-up and training to continuing operation and maintenance.

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Built with the field in mind

Portability and outdoor ruggedness are crucial to ensuring a successful field campaign. The elements of this integrated system were designed with the field in mind. All Eosense automated chambers are built to withstand months of continuous deployment in a wide range of harsh environments. Gasmet’s GT5000 Terra analyzer weighs under 10 kg and is easy for a single person to transport and install. This analyzer’s rugged IP54 enclosure provides superior ingress protection against moisture and solids vs. other analyzers. The GT5000 Terra can be mains powered for continuous operation, and also offers internal batteries when portability is needed.

Flexibility to evolve with your research needs

We offer users unmatched flexibility in a single package. Use the multi-gas analyzer with a single chamber to conduct survey-style soil gas flux investigations or use the eosMX to pair up to 16 chambers to a single Gasmet FTIR analyzer for long-term, multi-chamber studies, all with the same equipment. 

Gasmet analyzers use FTIR technology that allows a single analyzer to support many studies. Gasmet analyzers are commonly used to measure gas fluxes from the soil carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, or both cycles right out of the box! Gasmet’s FTIR also allows hundreds of additional gases to be added quickly for unique studies that quantify soil emissions from chemical spills, storage site integrity, and more. Gases can be added after measurements are finished and the results can be re-processed.

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Customize your automated flux chambers

Our automated chambers are available in sizes ranging from 15-50 cm in diameter, as well as opaque and transparent designs. Combine transparent and opaque chambers to partition net ecosystem exchange and ecosystem respiration or pair large and small chambers to examine plant-mediated fluxes.

The larger eosAC-LT/LO chamber features two base extension options, to extend the utility of flux chamber systems by enabling measurements from larger vegetation.

Eosense chambers come equipped with internal temperature and pressure sensors to improve flux measurement accuracy. The auxiliary sensor ports allow you to add additional sensors to the system, such as soil temperature and soil moisture or PAR sensors.

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Includes measurement scheduling and flux data processing software

The system software is designed for quick and easy scheduling and processing of flux measurements. It allows you to create custom measurement schedules, import chamber accumulation curves with a few mouse clicks, and choose between linear or exponential curve fitting to calculate fluxes. Parameters like tubing length, analyzer volume and chamber volume can be easily customized for improved accuracy and data quality.

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Continuously developing to meet research needs

Eosense has a long history of close collaboration with researchers. We are constantly refining and developing new tools and technologies to meet the evolving needs of soil gas research. Do you have a novel application? Let us help you develop your custom experiment!

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