Seamless performance under harsh environmental conditions

The Eosense ABB-LGR system is ideally suited to even the most demanding field applications. Crush-proof housing and the ability to withstand a wide range of operating conditions makes ABB-LGR analyzers incredibly rugged to perform under pressure in the field. Eosense chambers have a weather-resistant construction and are designed to withstand months of continuous deployment. Both the chambers and the analyzer have field-replaceable components that minimize down-time and help ensure your field site keeps running smoothly.

High precision & stability for CO2 and CH4

ABB-LGR analyzers offer unmatched precision and stability for measuring CO2 and CH4. The patented off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) technology ensures negligible zero and span drift, with no need for regular calibration with reference gasses. This advanced technology also enables ABB-LGR to offer sub-ppb level detection with no cross interference.

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Low power and flexibility

ABB-LGR analyzers are compact and light-weight, and incredibly low power. An analyzer and full 16-chamber system can be run off as little as 60-85 W, and a single chamber system for survey-style measurements requires as little as 40-65 W (system power consumption is dependent on measurement frequency, as well as chamber closure and gas line purge timing). Additional accessories like backpack harnesses and 120 W internal batteries mean ABB-LGR analyzers offer the versatility required for either multi-chamber, long-term deployments as well as survey-style measurement campaigns – especially when paired with our smaller, lighter eosAC chamber.

Customize your automated chamber system

Our automated chambers are available in sizes ranging from 15-50 cm in diameter, as well as opaque and transparent designs. Combine transparent and opaque chambers to partition net ecosystem exchange and ecosystem respiration or pair large and small chambers to examine plant-mediated fluxes.

The larger eosAC-LT/LO chamber features two base extension options, to extend the utility of flux chamber systems by enabling measurements from larger vegetation.

Eosense chambers come equipped with internal temperature and pressure sensors to improve flux measurement accuracy. The auxiliary sensor ports allow you to add additional sensors to the system, such as soil temperature and soil moisture or PAR sensors.

Includes measurement scheduling and flux data processing software

The system software is designed for quick and easy scheduling and processing of flux measurements. It allows you to create custom measurement schedules, import chamber accumulation curves with a few mouse clicks, and choose between linear or exponential curve fitting to calculate fluxes. Parameters like tubing length, analyzer volume and chamber volume can be easily customized for improved accuracy and data quality.

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Evolving to meet research needs

Eosense has a long history of close collaboration with researchers. We are constantly refining and developing new tools and technologies to meet the evolving needs of soil gas research. Do you have a novel application? Let us help you develop your custom experiment!

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