Industrial Methane Monitoring – eosEM

Mobile and Stationary Methane Monitoring

Our sensor can be installed on most vehicles and monitors methane passively while on site.

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We can provide live data, heat maps and much more. These data can support risk-based decision making and improve LDAR program efficiency by flagging anomalous events and indicating where additional monitoring is required and where it isn’t needed.


Example Data: A site with anomalous methane detected and a site with no anomalous methane detected.


We use a sensitive methane sensor that can measure ppb levels of methane (and emissions down to 1 m3/day) along with supporting measurements of wind speed and wind direction to continuously measure methane.

These data are accessible live from the vehicle and remotely from our data platform.

We also offer stationary methane monitoring

Eosense has more than 10 years of experience developing innovative tools for measuring greenhouse gas emissions.

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