AN0003 – eosAC/eosMX and Picarro Analyzer Quick Setup


This guide provides simplified setup instructions for interfacing the eosMX multiplexer and eosAC autochambers with Picarro analyzers, using the G2508 as the example in the photos.

IMPORTANT This quick start guide is not a replacement for the Picarro, eosAC, or eosMX user manuals. We recommend reading them before proceeding.

Required Components

● Picarro Analyzer (not pictured)
● Picarro Recirculation Pump (not pictured)
● eosMX (not pictured)
● eosAC(s) (not pictured)
● Tubing 2 x 30 m per eosAC (not pictured)
● Power/data cable 1 x 30m per eosAC (not pictured)
● USB cable x2 (not pictured)
● (A) Convoluted Metal Hose (w/ VCR termination)
● (B) VCR Coupling (SS-4-VCR-CG)
● (C) VCR to Swagelok Fitting (SS-4-VCR-6-400)
● (D) ¼” Ferrule (SS-403-1, SS-404-1)*
● (E) ¼” Swage Nut (SS-402-1)*
● (F) Vacuum VCR Connection
● (G) VCR Metal Gasket x3 (SS-4-VCR-2)





View/Download Application Note 0003 here.