AN0012 – eosFD effects on soil moisture and temperature

The Eosense eosFD Soil CO2 Flux Sensor measures soil flux directly and continuously. These standalone chambers can be left unattended in the field to measure and record flux for extended periods (months to years) because of their low power demands and built in data logging capabilities. Other chamber-based flux measurement systems have larger footprints and are either manually placed on and removed from the soil, or are designed to lift automatically off the soil surface when flux measurements are not actively being collected. Research has shown that some chambers left on the soil over long periods can affect the soil microenvironment directly underneath. Although the diameter of the eosFD is only 10 cm, its continuous deployment may impact the soil moisture and
temperature below the chamber over time. Here we performed a month long study to examine the impacts of the eosFD on the soil microenvironment, specifically the sub-chamber soil moisture and soil temperature.

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