AN0008 – Sizing a solar power supply for a remote eosFD installation

Automated measurements of soil CO2 flux are usually limited to field sites with grid or generator-based power infrastructure because of the non-trivial power required to drive the opening and closing motions of automated chambers. Eosense’s eosFD is a new class of soil gas flux measurement devices that uses the patented Forced Diffusion technique. Featuring an integrated CO2 sensor and datalogger, 1.6 kg weight, and less than 2 W average power consumption, its standalone design delivers spatial freedom at any scale. In this application note we will size a solar and battery power
system for a year-round eosFD deployment in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. By following the example calculations in this application note, researchers can estimate the power system size required to deploy the eosFD at their remote field sites.

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